Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to Fuck A Girl Part 2!

Step by step guide to Fuck Any Girl - Part 2 of 2!

6. Start talking to everyone. E v e r y o n e!  Get gregarious in your everyday life - the more you talk to people in general, the easier it will be to talk to those you are attracted to.  Have fun, be interested and interesting, not too pushy or aloof, basic stuff really. Have some conversation starters lined up for any occassion, plus games, tricks or contencious questions. If you add a happy vibe to a conversation or group of people then people will be fine with your company.

7. Get her on her own away from peer pressure to not be percieved as a 'slut' (even tho shes not being one) and ask for a phone no to continue the convo.  Or repeat in your mind that 'we are sooo going to kiss' in a way that translates to your face and actions - she will get the message!  If she doesnt run away - you're in!  The old 'close your eyes a minute' should work.

8. She might want to go back to yours that night, she might not. Best to offer the opportunity without making her feel like a slut - I have to pop back to mine to grab something/i have somethign at my apartment you really would love to see/I can walk you home but i cant come in/etc

9. Get chilled music on and dimmed lighting ASAP!  Also, pour eachother a drink. If possible, run a bath or if not talk about your great massages and then give her one.  Once the clothes are coming off then that'sa bout it.

10. MAKE SURE she comes, and it really helps if you do then too afterwards so the woman feels good about herself.  (More info at how to fuck a girl).  You should be feeling good about yourself now too! If you've had a massive hot session, chilled fruit such as melon, strawberries, anything juicy and fresh can be a nice snack to feed eachother afterwards.  Cuddle as you fall asleep but then it's ok to give her a final squeeze and turn over to get your own space.  It can be difficult to sleep next to someone that close!

So, that was my guide.  What do you think?!


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