Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Is it possible to make a girl love you?

Hi y'all!

So I've been surfing around online as you do and i 've been coming across the idea that there is some sort of loophole in females whereby men can get what they want from you - yes, that!  But is it really possible to fuck any girl like that?

How To Make A Girl Love You - Part 1

In my opinion, it is both a simple and subtly complicated thing.  In short, if you stick to a couple of 'guidance notes' then you will be fine - just work out the subtlties yourself!  OK, here goes:

1. Decide what you want - lay, kiss, relationship, older woman, etc. If you want anything, that's fine!

2. Understand now that that is what you are getting.  It is not what you would like, it is not that you'd be overjoyed when you get it, that's just how it's going down so accept the fact.

3. Present yourself well: find pics/vids/someone that looks a bit like you who you think looks good.  Copy their style.  Get a haircut, fresh breath and clean fingernails. Clean yourself, your house, bed sheets, car etc so you are always ready for the thousands of opportunites out there.

4. Decide who you are and what you stand for.  Nothing more than 5mins work here!  Just so when people ask you what you do, what you stand for, etc, you can give them a straight answer.  Something like 'I'm travelling the world, curing sick dolphins while making some great friends and enjoying life' would be kinda hot...

5. Do some exercise everyday, not to get buff, not to increase endurance, but to get natural endorphins flowing and to provide some vitality to your presence.  People like being with alive people, not dead people! Get the blood flowing! The essence of being healthy and alive!

6... Gotta go, see my next post!! Or visit the make a girl love you website :).

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